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Are you looking for an SEO service provider who can aid you in promoting your Web site effectively and efficiently? If yes, then White Hat SEO is a practice that you would definitely want the provider to implement. The challenge for you is to determine whether the provider offers this practice or not, as most of the SEO companies always promise of offering it but is seldom put into action. The good news is that you can easily tell this if you know about this practice and do some research about your service provider. So, let us explore about what is White Hat SEO, as the latter part can easily done on the Internet via customer reviews.

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White Hat SEO is…

A series of standard techniques! White Hat SEO refers to the assortment of methods that are the accepted, organic ways of fetching traffic for your site. The main point is that they are documented in The Google Webmaster Guidelines, which means they work according to the rules of the search engines. Such a feature of White Hat SEO directly opens the doors of quick and high ranking for your site, which is essential for building traffic.

White Hat SEO is opposed to…

Black Hat SEO! Yes, as the name suggests, is exactly the opposite of White Hat SEO. For example, one of the White Hat SEO techniques is Backlink generation that is completely opposite of Link Farming, a Black Hat SEO technique. The former is a process wherein original, relevant, and interesting content is written and posted online after which the readers feeling good about it share the same with others. In this way, the link circulates across the web. On the other hand, Link Farming is an infamous process wherein a group of sites is created for hyper linking them to one another without any importance of relevancy or originality. This means that White Hat SEO is a healthy way of accelerating the site’s popularity, while the Black Hat SEO actually puts your site and online reputation at risk via search engine penalties and low, non-potential traffic.

White Hat SEO encompasses…

In reality, there exists a myriad of White Hat SEO techniques. Now, we shall look at some of the ethical practices that aid in improving the ranking for a site.

The most vital White Hat SEO techniques are finding most used keywords and publishing Great Content based on them. By great, I mean the content that is original (not copied), relevant to your business, and includes keywords up to six to eight times (for search engine recognition). Keywords are those search words/phrases that your customer is most likely to use while searching for your products and services via a search engine. However, one must take care that one must not fill the pages with random words. One of the ways of implementing this technique is hosting your site’s blog.

The second technique is to build both internal and external links (backlinks). Internal linking refers to linking a site’s page to another, which conveys to the search engines that your site has related content on multiple pages and that it is a cohesive unit. Similarly, having backlinks also indicate that readers from other sites are interested in reading your content.

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