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Product Item: Best Email Extractor
Version: 2
Price: 199 U.S.D
Multi-Licence: Yes ( Unlimited number of computers, never need to buy it again! )

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Brilliant ideas and clever products require equally brilliant and clever marketing schemes. If no one knows about it, then no one will buy it. For decades, new and innovative ways have been invented to deliver this message to the consumers who need to hear it. Best Email Extractor v2 is the next step in this evolution.

The number of people who are online every day, sometimes multiple times per day, is growing steadily. The web has become cluttered with banner ads and pop-up windows that can be easily blocked or ignored. It is hard to make an impression on someone this way and even harder to develop a brand.

Email campaigns have always shown a strong return on investment and allow a moment of undivided attention between the consumer and your advertisement. There are no worries about surrounding graphics and content as there are with banner ads, and there is no built-in blocking feature as is the case with pop-up windows.

Instead, there is just the email, exactly as it is intended to look. The reader will be focused only on the content of the email for that moment. They will be scanning the message and assessing whether they are interested or not. They will not be distracted.

For this type of marketing program to work, though, you need to have email addresses to send the messages to. You hay have a few, but even with a great return rate on the campaign, you will want tens, if not hundreds of thousands, of addresses.

There is always the option to buy a list of addresses from a broker, but these lists can be unreliable and full of errors or duplicates. It would be more efficient to generate a list on your own.

The Email Extractor is so much faster than any other email harvesting program it makes it very possible to be able to generate your own custom list of addresses in very short amount of time. Over 100 times faster than other spiders, this software can gather up to 1000 email addresses every minute.

This means 60,000 addresses in just an hour. With this kind of power, it is easy to assemble sizeable lists of potential customer emails.

The keyword search function of the program will allow you to pull out email addresses that can be used in tandem with customized advertisements targeted at only specific demographics. Respond instantly to what works and what does not. If the addresses from one search term do not respond well, switch the term and construct a new list quickly.

If your particular campaign is very large, the Email Extractor comes with unlimited installation licenses. Install the software on more than one computer and have them work simultaneously on different lists of keywords. They are totally automated and will continue to pull out addresses as long as there are websites left to search.

The speed of the Email Extractor is unmatched in the industry. This program will add efficiency and profitability to any email campaign.