Internet marketers have spent hundreds of hours or more of tedious work searching for email addresses to use as leads in their marketing campaigns. Due to the large size of the web, these untold hours were not spent efficiently and were not effective.

Instead of wasting massive amounts of time searching for addresses and pasting them into your email contact database, you can now use Email Extractor 1.4 (or 14). You establish the search parameters by inserting keywords, domains or any other criteria you desire and let it go. No further input by you is necessary for the program to go about it’s work.

Using your chosen keywords, Email Extractor searches Google, Yahoo, Bing and other popular search engines looking for the types of businesses or websites in which you are interested. It mines email addresses only from the types of sites in which you are interested.

Far faster than a human, the thousands of bits of data collected by Email Extractor results in an almost immediate increase in sales. Every Internet marketer knows the more people you can contact, the better chance you’ll have of reaching interested buyers and those buyers pay the bills.

Thousands of results will be gathered in an email contact list, saved on your computer in the location you choose and imported into the email account you chose. While running in the background, the powerful and fast Email Extractor can quadruple your results. Unlike other data-mining software, it uses only a minimal amount of computing resources and will not freeze. Freezing is a major issue with similar, but less effective, programs.

The results of the Email Extractor search are easy to export to any text or document file. You will won’t need to sort the addresses to find and eliminate duplicates. Email Extractor automatically eliminates duplicate email addresses.

By using this system, you have more free time to handle the actual operation of your business and plan email marketing campaigns.

Quality results, power, low-resource demands, speed and lack of freezing are not the only unique features Email Extractor has over its competitors. It’s extremely easy to use by marketers with only basic-level computer skills. Using the program does not require sorting through menus. It’s so simple that reading instructions is not necessary.

Thousands of quality email addresses are necessary for an effective email marketing campaign. Any serious marketer will benefit from using Email Extractor.