What you should look for in an email extractor

Not all email extracting programs are created equally, however. There are a number of features to look for in a good program. Here’s an overview of everything you should look for in a quality email extractor.

Speed is by far the most important thing to look for in any email harvesting program. One of the main purposes of these programs is to save you time that you would be spending finding email addresses by yourself. An email extractor that doesn’t work fast isn’t worth anything at all! There are many programs out there that simply can’t perform fast enough to meet anyone’s standards and shouldn’t even be given away, let alone sold. Always compare the speed of any email extracting program you’re considering. A good option is definitely Email Extractor 14 because it can work up to 100 times faster than other popular competitors.

A save feature is also important for many people, especially if you use your software often and find yourself typing the same keywords into the search. Many programs don’t offer save features so make sure you find one that does. Consider how much easier things will be on you when you aren’t required to type out those long lists of search keywords every time you set your email extractor to harvest addresses! The previously mentioned software, Email Extractor 14, is available for free on a trial basis but offers a very good save feature on their program when you upgrade and purchase their product.

There’s another important feature in a good email harvesting program: numerous search options. The best software gives you many ways to search for the email addresses you need and gives you the freedom to pick the method that’s best for you. For example, searching by keyword is popular with many people because it directs them to a customer base that’s probably already interested in products or services they sell. On the other hand many people find it much more necessary to search for email addresses in a document or file. Still other people may want to search a specific website to extract all of the email addresses it contains. All of these search options are important and any good email harvester will have them all. Don’t settle on a program that doesn’t give you enough choice.

Customer service
Lastly, try to find an email harvester that comes with good customer service. You may run into trouble with the product or find you have questions. A company or website that has good customer service is also showing that they stand behind their product fully and want you to be satisfied. Some websites even offer free updates for life with their email extractors, although this is rare. One of the few websites that offers this is Email Extractor 14, probably because they believe in their product and want every customer to enjoy the work they’ve put into it.