Free Email Extractor

An email extractor is a very handy software that collects email addresses from websites. It will extract websites based on a domain or search criteria that the user provides. It efficiently extracts emails from some of the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN.

Email harvester software is designed keeping an eye on reducing the customer’s workload. Working at a frantic pace, email harvesters compile a list of email addresses in all the fields of interest you have entered in the search criteria. The software also eliminates any address that does not belong to the entered search criteria. Thus, the customer has at his disposal, a long list of email addresses he can use for his marketing needs. Email harvesters do not use up a large amount of the computer’s resources. The program will be running in the back ground while the user can go about his work.

Today marketing and advertising has become mainly about numbers. A product’s success depends on the exposure it has had. Good marketing strategy involves contacting as many people as possible and introducing the product to them. The larger the number, the larger the profit. Any good marketing professional would want to increase the number of interested buyers. This software provides a database of interested and potential buyers within minutes. Email marketing campaigns are run based on emails and accumulating a database of emails would take a long time. With a good extractor program, this process is reduced from weeks to minutes.
Speed plays a very important role in email collecting. After all, the main advantage with an email extractor is the speed and ease of collecting email addresses. Care should be taken to choose the program that works at the highest speed. Providing customer support is extremely important and this should be something offered when you use an extractor. A program is only as good as its support base. Email extractors are programs and like any other software, they have updates too. Few email harvester programs have free software updates. This would mean the software is a one time investment and no additional spending later for updates.

A software program must be simple and easy to use. The menu and the features should be easy to understand. Ease of use also translates into time. A clear program with no hassle and simple navigation is the best choice. Email harvesters are search engines. They are used to search email addresses. The search engine should be simple and the search process must not be complicated.

Email extracting software saves a lot of time, money and man power. Compiling databases of email addresses to form mailing lists has never been so easy or fast. The process is completely automated and very efficient. As the database is updated any duplicate emails will be deleted automatically. Email campaigns are dependent on numbers and extractors give a high number of addresses in a very small time.