Fast Email Extractor

Email extractors are programs that crawl over the web in search of email addresses and harvest the user names and email addresses based on the requirements specified by the user. For example, if the user has a site that specializes in products or services related to bird watching and needs the addresses of people interested in this field, the email extractor can help get the addresses of people likely to belong to this category. The spiders are designed to collect the contacts of businesses from their web pages on the net like the HTTP and the HTTP protocols, HTML and text files present on the local disks.

In today’s world of information and technology, data like mailing lists are crucial for the growth of any internet business. Since the email ids are not given out easily by either the individual or the mailing companies, the webmaster needs to troll the web, collect the email ids and make a list themselves. Email extractors can greatly help simplify this job. By specifying a directory list of the sites relevant to a particular field, an internet marketer can get the email ids of potential customers for the products or services being offered. The sites would have email ids embedded and the software pulls it out for the marketers benefit. An effective email harvester should be able to scan thoroughly through the website and find relevant email ids in as less time as possible. The search time can be optimized by specifying scan depth and paths. The number of email id duplications should also be zero or minimal for the list to be really worthwhile. A complete list of potential customers is priceless.

The spider has the ability to crawl through PHP, ASP, html, and CGI pages and areas also supported by search engines including, but not limited to, Google, Yahoo, Lycos and Excite. Up to 1000 email ids can be generated in a single minute.

Email extractors can help cut down the cost of using Google Adwords, Google Adsense or other pay-per-click programs. The email list gives the internet marketer a sure-shot way of contacting prospects rather than putting up links on the web and then hoping that someone clicks on their site when it appears in a search result. Emailing their link directly to the email contacts gives the internet marketer an edge on increasing web presence and also receiving replies from interested individuals. Most of the email extractors will allow a demo that will prove the software speed, efficiency, and accuracy. When you use the extractor it will save the reports in HTML or excel format as specified by the user and can be edited, sorted or exported to personal databases allowing complete flexibility.

However, with companies avoiding the listing of email ids on their sites, the crawling approach is getting tougher for the email harvesters.