Email Harvester

Email harvester software is an ideal program to use for email and web promotion. A small business or start up business which does not have a large base of clients can use this software to generate a list of email addresses collected from the web which the business can send promotions to.

This software scans the web and collects email addresses which are linked to a specific keyword. A keyword is provided to the software which is unique to the nature of the business which is to be promoted. The software then searches the web for email addresses which are closely linked to this keyword. This way, a business which is trying to promote on through the internet can send emails to this targeted list of people who are likely to be interested in the product or promotion.

Reaching a target base of clients is tough work to do without the help of technology. In fact, attempting to do this research and collect email addresses manually without software is nearly impossible. For a start up business which is working on other aspects and projects to build the business, this research would be especially time consuming and could slow down the process of building the business.

Using this software is a fast and effective option, and does not take away valuable time and energy from a business which needs to focus their efforts elsewhere. The start up phase of building a business requires time and energy to be spent on building up a website and leaves little time to manually search for a client base to contact.

This software will collect targeted email addresses while the business is still being built up so that email promotion can be started as soon as the business is ready. This advanced software is truly a time saver as it can generate a list of 1,000 email addresses in about one minute’s time. Without the software, it could take over one minute to research the internet and find even one email address which is related to the nature of the business.

With a list of email addresses, reaching a target audience could not be easier. The software collects the email addresses linked to a specific keyword, and then the compiled email addresses can be saved to a hard drive. When the business is ready to promote, one email can be sent to thousands of addresses at a time, as often as multiple times per day.

By contacting email addresses by the thousands, a business has the opportunity to grow very rapidly. Therefore, this is not only an ideal way to promote a business in the start up phase, and by using similar keywords to find even more email addresses, the software can be used to continually to reach a wider audience as the business grows.