Email Grabber

New breed of software is coming out to address that need. They work by crawling though the net and by capturing e-mail addresses according to the previously set specification. Later on, obtained information can be easily used for target marketing making this kind of program very useful. One of the software in this group is E-Mail Extractor 14.

The software is basically a spider, moving around the net by going from one site to another. It works by using major search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo to obtain addresses of the most important web sites, and then crawls its way down to less known sites that may be located around the globe. When it crawls though pages, it extracts available e-mails and later compiles them in a list that is then presented to the user.
Initially, each user chooses keywords that are part of targeted subjects, so no unrelated, trash e-mails are generated. The selection can also be done by choosing which domain names should be crawled. So, someone targeting users interested in gardening would not waste their time with e-mails of unrelated field which can seriously raise effectiveness of any e-mail advertising campaign.

Once these initial parameters and keywords are selected and program is started, it becomes completely automated which means that it works without need of any additional user inputs. Since it is optimized to complete tasks one by one, it uses only a fraction of processing power. That permits users to increase their productivity as they can perform other activates while the spider crawls and generates e-mails in the background.

Additional usefulness of the program can be measured by it speed, by how many e-mails it can obtain within
minutes. It would not be so helpful if it took hours and days to complete a job. However, this software is stated to generate over 1,000 e-mails a minute, making it one of the fastest in the industry.

The list generated consists of unique e-mails as duplicates are automatically deleted. That list can be saved to local hard drive for future use. Furthermore, it can also be easily imported in any e-mailing platform making a job of retyping e-mails unnecessary.

The bottom line of this program and other good e-main grabbing software is that you can obtain very valuable marketing leads consisting of huge e-mail lists belonging to the exact group you plan to sell your products or services to. Furthermore, the speed and ease by which the program works permit that advertising strategies are executed within minutes and hours rather than days and weeks using old and costly methods. Thus, the quality of leads and the cost efficiency of operation make this kind of software very good and viable marketing tool in your advertising campaign.