Email Extractor Software

For example, if a company is selling flower pots, the word “flower pots” would be entered into the email extractor software, and the software would then proceed to search the internet for email addresses which are linked to the word flower pots. This software works so fast, that it can extract 1,000 email addresses per minute! This is way beyond the amount of email addresses which someone could extract manually. In fact, it could take over one minute to even manually extract one email address which is related to the business.

This is a great software program to use for a start up business or a small company. Small start up businesses have a lot of energy to focus on other things, such as optimizing their website for search engines. Small businesses need to spend their time focused on the projects which matter, and this includes building a professional website which works without glitches. In order to do this, this web page must be filled with unique keyword rich content and organized by a content management system. Setting up these aspects in a small start up business requires focus and time, but it is time well spent. Spending time manually trying to extract email addresses from the internet would not only be a huge waste of time but also next to impossible.

This software can gather thousands of email addresses which are related to the business within minutes. One keyword is provided to the software, and the software returns thousands of email addresses related to the keyword and business only minutes later. This list can be saved to a computer’s hard drive to be used later, or the list can immediately be used to send emails to.

The emails that would be sent to these addresses are business promotional emails, which may include some detail about the product or service which is being provided, and a link to the company website. It is wise to wait until the website is developed before emails are sent out. It would be useless to send links to interested people only to have them directed to an unfinished website. This is one of the reasons why the program is so convenient, it searches and finds emails to promote the business to without taking away any of the time which is essential to building the perfect website for the business. This promotional tool is not to be overlooked, it may be the difference between a failure and a success in terms of generating traffic.