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Best Email Extractor v2 - Last Update: May / 2016

Best Email Extractor v2 is an email spider software which allows you to extract targeted email addresses from the search engines like Google,Yahoo,Bing & Ask . It is designed to extract thousands of email addresses within a few minutes. The speed and the accuracy of our product is simply great. Get the free trial version for a demonstration.

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It's Fast!

This extractor isn't just fast, it's blazing fast! It's at least 50 times faster than any other email extractor software. It is able to extract about 1000 emails per minute from the web.


Search by Country

Most email extractors don't let you find emails by country. This usually means that you will end up with a bunch of useless emails. This feature makes the entire program worth it.


Keyword Search

Specify what keywords you're interested in, and it will return a massive list of emails all related to your keyword. Brilliant!


Last testimonial

One of the hardest parts about finding people to buy your valuable product is finding relevant emails to send your offer to.